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This is one rad Rat Rod! Fashioned into a cool old-school dually – that means it has two sets of rear tires – with amazingly HUGE truck tires.

Done by the famous Las Vegas-based customizing shop, Welder Up, this Rat Rod – with its deconstructed-style paint job including a green hue of oxidised copper – has gun ports for the side windows while the winscreen reminds us of something you would see on a very old submarine. The headlights are massive, as too is the radiator grill fronting the twin-turbo 4BT Cummins diesel motor – which just adds to the grungy drama. The view from behind is pure intimidation, completing the effect of the the rest of the vehicle.

It's got a very unique interior too, unlike anything you have seen before. The steering wheel swings over the passenger side to make getting in and out easier, it has great looking seats, plenty of dials and switches as well as oxidized gear impersonations inside the door – which makes it even cooler. Unfortunately, it's a tad difficult to see all the details on the inside but, all-in-all, this fat, flat rod is truly unique.

Have a look at the video below to see the Rat Rod for yourself, and let us have your thoughts.

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