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Date: 2017-10-01

Move over fans and vacuums – Dyson is building electric cars now!

James Dyson, the founder of the company, made the announcement of this news in an email to his employees on Yesterday.

In the email, he said, "I wanted you to hear it directly from me: Dyson has begun work on a battery electric vehicle."

The British company has committed to investing £2 billion (about $2.35 billion) into the project and plans to launch the car by 2020.

Over 400 people, including Dyson engineers and others, have already begun working on bringing Dyson electric vehicles to life!

According to the inventor, a Dyson team first started working on the project in 1990. "By 1993, we had developed several working prototypes," he said. "To our chagrin, nobody at the time was interested in employing our diesel exhaust capture system and we stopped the project."

And the company committed to developing new battery technologies again a few years ago.

"It has remained my ambition to find a solution to the global problem of air pollution." he said.

The Communications Manager at Dyson, Olya Leptoukh, said the company has invested billions of pounds into motors, batteries and further core technologies since 1990.

"We are now at a state and scale which means we can put that to good use," she said.

According to Leptoukh, Dyson will continue to develop its current technologies, including lighting, hand dryers, fans and its famous line of vacuums.

Dyson has yet to offer details on what type of vehicles it plans to build or where they will be available.

This appliances maker is joining a crowded market – it will be competing against the Nissan Leaf (the best-selling electric car in the world), the new Chevy Volt and Tesla's new Model 3... among others with Mercedes, BMW, Honda and VW all showing electric car concepts at this year's Frankfurt Motor Show.

We look forward to hearing more about Dyson's project!

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