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Talk about a perfect day out! I don't know about you, but this one is surely up there with the best of the best.

Youtuber, FPS Russia, who specialises in firearm reviews with a comedy aspect, teamed up with poker champion and lifestyle blogger, Dan Bilzerian, to make an epic video which takes desert racing trucks, hot girls, machine guns, military tanks and jam packs them all together into a video which glues your eyes to your screen!

FPS Russia: The videos feature Kyle Lamar Myers, an American born in Lavonia, Georgia, USA, playing the role of Dmitri Potapoff, a heavily accented Russian from Moscow. Each video on the channel generally has Myers explaining the characteristics of the weapons he will use in that video (occasionally telling the history behind it and sometimes explanations of its purpose), before he demonstrates their abilities on targets such as fruits, drink bottles, zombie targets, and photos of Justin Bieber in his earlier videos. The FPSRussia channel reached the 1 million subscriber mark in June 2011. As of February 25, 2018, his channel has garnered 6.3 million+ subscribers. Myers has used largely varying pieces of equipment along with weapons that have been featured in his videos such as a golden AK-47, an armoured troop carrier, a .50BMG rifle, and a Bofors 40 mm automatic anti-aircraft cannon. If you're into explosions, guns and have a great sense of humour, we highly recommend checking out FPSRussia on Youtube.

Dan Bilzerian, on the other hand, the King Of Instagram, he has a lifestyle as controversial as it is enticing. He's a playboy and a professional poker player, he hangs out with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and DJ Steve Aoki and he constantly boasts about it to his 20 million+ Instagram followers. He lives in a world of guns, girls and gratuitous glamour...wouldn't you? Crowned the King of Instagram by his followers (he has over 23 million of them, and adds another 20,000 or so a day) his feed documents a lifestyle so outrageous and seemingly free of moral, financial or legal constraints, it's as though he inhabits a Jason Statham movie, or a Hunter S Thompson novel – only with faster cars, less inhibited females, and more advanced weaponry!

You’ve seen Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram account, well now check out a day in his life.

He teams up with FPS Russia and hits a gun range with a bunch of scantily clad women and gets them to shoot ridiculously huge guns at melons. Then they get in some super fast monster trucks and drive them around doing a bunch of jumps in the desert, before getting in a US tank and firing its gun a bunch more.

Some people huh? What a life!

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