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Now this is a frightful display of the hacking ability of the 'nice guys'!

With the buzz around car hackers being a safety threat – two hackers decided to show WIRED senior writer, Andy Greenberg, exactly how they can hijack a 2014 Jeep Cherokee – while it's driving on the highway – miles away from the comfort of their lounge.

These two chaps, Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek for two pretty big companies, have developed a tool that can control or hijack a Jeep's onboard computer via the internet. It allows them access to pretty much everything, from adjusting the temperature to switching the vehicle off completely. In fact, below a certain speed in reverse they can even control the steering and, more terrefyingly, they can disbale the breaks while the car is in motion.

Why have they done this? Well, they're of the opinion that if the two of them can manage this with no malicious intent then what can others do that aren't so nice? And they only targeted one vehicle, imagine the mayhem if this is done on a large scale... terrifying!

Anyway, check out the video and then reconsider that new car you were eyeing out, maybe consider a classic instead!


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