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Elon Musk, founder of Tesla, has just tested his "Boring Company"'s new prototype car-carrying sled - just weeks after launching the idea. 

Tesla had previously announced plans to alleviate congestion in cities with a tunnel system navigated by automated sleds caryying cars at 124mph. 

Now The Boring Company has begun the experiment, as we see from Musk's post of a photo of the boring machine being lowered into place to begin the construction of trial tunnels.

The main idea is this: a car will drive onto a sled platform on street level, and would then be lowered through the road down into the tunnel, and then it speeds off to merge with other tunnel sled traffic autonomously. This would allow a much quicker crossing of cities than what is now possible on surface level, and would alleviate congestion on the surface roads.

Musk predicts that once this concept is formally constructed, using the tunnels could lessen your time on the road immensely - turning a 30 minute trip into a 5 minute trip.

Although the car-carrying sled is still at concept stage at this point, it seems to be rapidly progressing. 

Could this be the big solution to street traffic??


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