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It's a scene from your favorite racing game, movie or even from your dreams. The evening of the year where an event with a specific focus takes over NYC in celebration of street car culture.

It started with two gathering locations, each coming from different sides of the city, where drivers arrive to discuss regrouping locations and roll-out times before heading to the crossroads of the world – Times Square.

Captured by Prime, the scenes showcase exceptional examples of both rotary and piston platforms filling the lots, besides from a brief, unexpected downpour the night was smooth. The rain was not going to stop these drivers, especially not tonight, and thankfully, soon enough the rain stopped and they began the drive into Manhattan. It was described as the most amazing automotive spectacle, everywhere your eyes met tuned Japanese sports cars such as; Supras, Skylines, Evos, Subies, NSXs and of course, RX-7s. Pravan Kuntmala describes the scene, "The sight of all these cars cruising down the West Side highway looked like something out of a movie or video game. Coupled with the reflections from the wet conditions of the roads, the visuals were out of some sort of lucid dream, only, it was real."

The drive ended with the Rotary/JDM tuning party in Times Square as the cars cruised down 7th avenue capturing everyone's attention, tourists and photographers competed for a chance to capture this seemingly spontaneous car life parade. And by the video captured, you can see it was definitely a sight to behold.

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