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Think back to all of the movies you’ve ever seen about “the future”, where there would be flying cars by the year 2000 and we'd all be living in space. Well that obviously never happened but a custom car designer, named Michael Vetter, created something almost as awesome and it's probably as close as we'll get to flying cars in the near future.

He creates vehicles that are out of this world, by giving normal road-going cars an extra-terrestrial feel. The outlandish petrol-head takes ‘donor cars’ from paying customers, and makes a series of modifications to create his ‘ETVs.’ Family-man Michael, who owns custom garage The Car Factory in Micco, Florida, came up with the idea after the birth of his daughter.

With builds ranging from $75,000 up to $250,000 and which can be based on everything like a cheap old Ford or something as high-end as a Porsche, the possibilities are almost endless! Some of the builds might take over a year to complete, but if a four-wheeled space ship is what you’re going for then look no further!


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