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When you're forking out wads of cash for a sports car, there are certain expectations that come with it. For instance, you expect great service from the sales-person, not to mention the car should come with everything bolted on properly, and at least enough fuel in the tank to get you home. You expect to be blown away. But, regardless of how exemplary your shiny, new car is, Porsche has a few words for you, they want you to know that your brakes might still squeak.

In true Germanic fashion, Porsche has created a video to explain that brake squeal is "one decibel-driven disturbance that has been misunderstood for far too long." Regardless of, how "precisely engineered to the highest standards of excellence" your new 911 Turbo may be, "energy of motion is converted into heat and minute vibrations which then dissipates through the brake system," resulting in a natural sound that is occasionally believed by some to be a malfunction.

Something to consider is that, because Porsches have larger than normal performance-tuned brakes, it's not always possible to apply force evenly every single time – especially at low speeds. But, as Porsche says, "make no mistake, the Porsche brake system is the epitome of first-in-class automotive excellence."

The video borders on simple advertising for the luxury automaker, but Porsche does manage to deliver an educated explanation. As much as it may tear at your eardrums to hear brake squeak from a new sports car, it doesn't necessarily mean there's an issue.

There are countless other influences too, from the elements to general wear-and-tear, so if the noise is getting under your skin, your local Porsche dealer is always on hand to do a proper check for you.

Check the video out below for more.

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