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The chap from YouTube channel, BridgeToGantry, takes his mate for a drive around the Nurburgring in a rented BMW 125i from a company called Rent4Ring.

Sounds like a pretty great day out while the sun shining. Which lasts all of a minute before the rain comes down and the yellow flags start flying. It's mayhem as they pass crash after crash, including both bikes and cars. 

As it turns out though, this is just an incentive for a bit of extra dialogue as the dude is pretty clued up about the track itself.

He takes us, step by step and apex to apex through the worlds most famous track. We can only assume he's a professional driver of some sort as, even in a BMW 125i, he keeps someone in a Porsche GT3 at bay until the Porsche driver backs off – most likely due to the weather.

Oh yes, and he throws in a bit of wet-weather drifting for shits-and-giggles.

It's a great video, informative and a little tense at times. Check it out below.

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