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Since air suspension started becoming popular on the market, there has always been arguments between guys that prefer air suspension and guys that still say static is the only way to go. Most guys that run static, in other words coilovers, say that air is only good for show cars and that they can't actually perform well in any racing type of scenarios, whether it be just hard driving on a twisty mountain road, track racing, drifting or drag racing.

The guys from Air Lift Performance decided to put all these stories to bed and decided to to an in-depth test in very strenous situations, during some direct air to coilover test as Carolina Motorsports Park.

They loaded up 3 very different cars with 2 different suspensions and one very qualified third party driver. The mission was to do back to back tests: one run on statically lowered suspension, another on Air Lift Performance suspension.

To test all aspects of the 2 different suspension types they performed three separate tests: a 200 ft skid pad, 100 ft slalom, and a 2.3 mile road course. They gathered all the data and figured up the averages of each run with each vehicle on the different suspensions.

All that remains after these in depth tests are the cold hard facts. See for yourself!

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