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Some speed enthusiasts don’t even bother with supercars, or even hypercars. What they prefer to own and drive are machines like the Ariel Atom and BAC Mono. Those are just two examples of that ultra-lightweight, bare bones and lots of horsepower formula. The downside, however, is that neither car is particularly comfortable because they’re designed mainly for the track, despite being street legal. Enter the new Drakan Spyder, another lightweight track toy that was also designed and engineered for the street.

This all-American (LS3 V8-powered) machine has the same power-to-weight ratio has a Bugatti Veyron. The cost? $100,000, compared to the Bugatti’s $1 million-plus price tag. Matt Farah just snagged some time behind the wheel and took it to some fine Southern California driving roads.


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