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Some brave souls opt to ditch standard wheels and tires that won’t handle the off-road abuse you’re throwing at them and instead have their vehicles outfitted with tracks, like this Audi S1.

Nissan was the most recent automaker to make use of tracks revealing special concepts of the Rogue Warrior, Pathfinder and Murano with snow tracks, however, this project appears even more absurd.

There is no information on who created this insane S1 off-roader but the video shows it speeding along a beach without a worry in the world and looking like an absolute ball to drive. Unlike the other track-equipped cars, this S1 is also special because of the simple fact that it is a tiny hatchback which, ordinarily, has almost no off-roading ability.

As cool as this S1 is, we do hope the owner has ensured it can be re-fitted with wheels and tires with limited effort because the compact Audi is also rather thrilling on the road. Have a look at the video below to see the Audi S1 ultimate-beach-buggy-wanna-be in action!!


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