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Hold on to your hats, these concepts are radical.


First up is the Rolls-Royce 103EX, a zero-emmision electric vehicle that takes luxury to the next level. this 5.9 meter (19.4 feet) barge is set to make a dramatic entrance, with it’s imposing structure and partially encased wheels make the 103EX look like it’s floating in the air. Hidden behind the front wheel is a luggage compartment with custom crafted suitcases, the roof is hinged and lifts upwards to allow passengers to literally walk into the cabin, where they’ll be seated on a luxuriously apolstered two seat couch. The dash is minamalist with hand crafted wood panneling and a super soft carpet for those inevitably dainty pedicured feet. It’s autonomus and doesn’t have a steering wheel... who needs one of those when you have Elanore, an etherial concierge. Check out the video for more!


Then we have the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, another fully electric delve into opulence. It is simply striking both inside and out, with a massively elongated bonnet and huge 24 inch wheels that gives this coupe an elegant and sophysticated shape. Inside it’s a futaristic nod to the future while wrapping the passangers in pure luxury.


The Aston Martin AM-RB 001 has possibly the highest revving engine of any street legal car. Developed in conjunction with RedBull Racing it redlines at over 11 000rpm while Aston Martin claims it’ll be a comfortable, usable supercar ready for the road and track.


Breaking away from coupés, Merc stuns us with their Mercedes Vision Van. This one is aimed at the commercial sector using it’s fully autonimous brain to not only drive but to communicate with a larger network back at the factory. Everything about this is automated, literally from stocking the van to choosing a route to delivering a parcel using the two roof mounted drones that come as standard among a host of other amazing gadgetry. Mercedes have looked to the future and see things very clearly.


Up next is the Nissan Bladeglider. It’s super streamlined shape places the driver in front of two passangers ala the 90’s Mclaren F1. It’s got a pair of radical rear-hinged doors, powerful electric motors for each rear wheel and has been designed for optimal performance and handling. Those in the know reckon Nissan fully intends to bring this futuristic automobile to market, let’s hold thumbs.


Introducing the Faraday FFZero1, a fully electric vehicle that looks like a Batmobile for the track but is destined for the road. 200mph and 0-60mph in under three seconds is sure to be as intimidating as its looks and Faraday’s innovative tech is sure to be a game-changer.


This one we’ve all seen before, the BMW Vision Next 100. It’s aerodynamics is streamlined with the use of an intelligent mesh of small triangles that stretch or compress as the wheels change direction. BMW’s onboard computer called Companion can drive itself, learns the owners habbits and moods and adjusts itself accordingly to make every trip as comfortable as possible. It’s amazing!


Renault Trezor is futuristically magnificent. It’s low, wide and long and its unusual bonnet includes the entire cocpit area so the whole front end lifts up and forward when one wants to get in or out and includes cool looking flaps which lift and lower to cool the engine when required. It’s an extraordinary beast.


Check out the video for more details of these astounding cars. The future is going of motoring is going to be very interesting indeed!

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