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Not happy with not being able to offer potential customers a free sunburn, Mercedes has now removed the roof from its already dramatic, electric super coupe concept, the Vision Maybach 6 luxury coupe. 

Maybach has always rubbed shoulders with those on the playground who prefer the finer things in life. You know, the type who sip excessively expensive bubbly in first-class and have their own captains on call for their boats and planes.

Which is all good and well but, let's be honest, no Maybach ever won a beauty contest.

We think that's about to change though. Based on the hard-top version splashed in the press over the past year or so, the Cabriolet shares the same 5.7m long body, that massive chrome-slatted grille up front and almost comically sloping rear-end inspired by the deck of a luxury yacht. New additions are a custom-made fabric top featuring interwoven rose gold threads and striking, bespoke 24-inch multi-spoke wheels. It's said to “define the ultimate in luxury for the future”. 

Open its rather large doors and you're greeted with the two-seat cockpit covered in crystal white, diamond patterned Nappa leather fastened together with buttons – apparently, a technique used on Chesterfield sofas. And no yacht-theme would be complete without an open-pore wood floor with aluminium inlays.

The dashboard features just three air vents and some dials for an elegant, minimalist feel and almost all the features can be controlled by a Concierge voice control system that understands more natural speech. And if that's not personal enough, biometric sensors are said to record the “state of mind” of the passengers too. The windscreen hosts two head-up displays and blue fibre optics 'visualise the energy flow of the powertrain'.  

As per its hard-top sibling, the Cabriolet is propelled by a 740bhp electric powertrain, with four compact electric motors turning both axles to allow all-wheel drive. 0-62mph time is said to be under four seconds and Mercedes claims a range of over 200 miles. A new DC charging system allows you to top up the range by 60 miles in just five minutes.

All in all, it's an imposing vehicle that takes the term land-yacht to the extreme – and we think it's just the bee's knees!

Check out the gallery above and video below to see elegance personified.

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