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You’ll remember Rimac as the Croatian startup that built the mad and all-electric supercar, the Concept One. Remember that it has four motors and four gearboxes at each corner and makes 1073 horsepower and 1180 lb-ft of torque. So, clearly, the next logical thing to do is to pit it against two of the fastest cars on the market today.

Like the Ferrari LaFerrari. And the Tesla P90D with Ludicrous Mode. Yeah, that should be competition enough.

Except it isn’t. The Concept One totally and utterly annihilated them in the drag race. British racing driver and YouTuber Archie Hamilton, who drove both the Tesla and the Ferrari, was certain the Ferrari would win. He was wrong.

Of course, while electric cars have amazing low end power, they tend to run out of breath as their speeds go up. Also, they have a tendency to overheat after a few hard acceleration runs. According to Rimac founder, CEO and CTO Mate Rimac, the Concept One’s witchcraft can be broken down into three “secrets” that help it combat these weaknesses. From the website:

1. Tons of power and torque.
With four motors outputting 1.600 Nm at almost 0 speed and well over 1.000 hp, the Concept_One has enough torque and power to keep its tires busy even at high speeds.

2. Cooling.
The Concept_One has seven independent cooling systems and several smaller sub-systems. We have worked really hard to maximize the performance for track use and not just for a couple of acceleration runs.

3. Gearbox.
Each of the four motors is connected to an independent gearbox. While the front motors have single-ratio reduction gearboxes, each rear motor has its own two-speed dual-carbon-clutch gearbox. This helps us to have great acceleration while also having a very high top speed. Most importantly, it allows the Concept_One to accelerate very quickly even at high speeds.

If you want to build a LaFerrari smoking electric supercar, you need those three ingredients. It’s that simple!

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