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Originally created for the military, the Howe and Howe Technologies Inc. Ripsaw is a lightweight tracked vehicle that is now being produced for the consumer market.

The lightweight tank performs like a sports car on pretty much any terrain. It can go 0-60mph in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 80mph, while it can manoeuvre over any surface an actual tank can. 

The Ripsaw looks like a Batmobile on steroids and has been crafted into 'one of the world's most sought after high performance, luxury vehicles'. The Ripsaw tank sports 12-inches of suspension travel, a luxury interior, and a 600 horsepower diesel engine, while the gun and much of its body armour have been removed.

The military spec version made its acting debut in the recently released The Fate of the Furious, to much awe and amazement from the cast and crew, although the army guys were more interested in its 'optionally manned' driving ability. That's right, it's like a giant radio-controlled ATV with guns.

That's pretty badass!

Have a look at the video to see the Ripsaw on fire, speed along any terrain imaginable, perform high-paced doughnuts, epic drifts and even wheelies like a superbike.

And hey, if you've got around $250 000 lying around and are preparing for the zombie apocalypse, then head over to their website and put in an order – those undead meat bags won't stand a chance!

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