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Since Volkswagen released the original GTI hot hatch in 1976, there have been numerous updated versions of the Golf each offering a different look at performance from the R32's with their legendary VR6 engines right through to the latest and greatest Golf R.

However, there were some variants that didn't quite take hardcore 0-60 MPH times all that seriously, but rather focussed on the sheer driving experience as well as a diesel offering that claimed to have GTI power.

What if you were to take a Golf GTI and put it up against the same year model GTI Clubsport and the odd one out, the GTD diesel variant in a drag race and see what the outcome might be...

The guys over at Car Wow did exactly that by taking the Golf 8 GTI and drag racing it against the Clubsport and GTD.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Car Wow on the VW Golf GTI vs Clubsport vs GTD: Drag Race...

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