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When most people think Volvo, they think boring grandpa cars that are safe for the whole family – but how much did their groundbreaking 240 change the world? A lot is the correct answer.

It's true, Volvo's haven't always made the prettiest or fastest cars, but they are legendary for setting the standards for vehicle safety. Their Volvo 240 was groundbreaking, so much so that other manufacturers were left in awe of their safety record. This was the car that introduced crumple zones and side impact beams, for goodness sake!

But, by the 1980s, safety wasn't enough to compete with the large manufacturers, so their engineers decided to install a turbo under the bonnet. This was a game-changer and, over the next decade, Volvo was not only safe, but it carved out a reputation for winning races around the world.

The classic square shape stuck around for over two decades and has become legendary in its own right. Hit play below and learn more about the Volvo 240 with Donut Media host, James.

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