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After a long wait, the 2018 Jeep Wrangler finally shows itself without camouflage, and we love it!

Although it's quite a terrible photograph, here we get the first look at an uncovered, un-camouflaged 2018 JL Jeep Wrangler, and a few details are still discernible. It seems as if a JL Wrangler Forum member caught the red Jeep rolling off the assembly line at Jeep's plant in Toledo, Ohio. 

Here's what we can confirm:

There is a small fender vent next to what appears to be a higher quality plastic fender flare arch that what the current Wrangler has. 

Along the side of the truck, we see new body-coloured hinges as well as the new traditional-looking door handles. Previously, the Wrangler had a large push-button mechanism to open the door. 

The side windows of the car are mounted higher than a JK Wrangler, and the hood is relatively flat with a vent in it. Although a vented hood was what you might have seen on a JK Rubicon, this is most likely a sports trim model.

Street tires and the lack of a hardtop with roof rails lead us to believe that all the trim levels will be getting a vented hood for the JL. 

Sitting on the vented hood are hood bumpers to allow the windshield to lie flat on it. So even though the new windshield is raked much more than it was original, it will still be foldable when you feel like some wind through your hair. 

Most of these recently learned bits are consistent with leaked images and renderings we've already seen. Expect a gasoline V6, turbo four-cylinder and diesel to be the powertrain options when we finally see the debut of the new Wrangler! 

We also learned that the JL will be getting a full-time four-wheel drive system called Selec-Trac – and we're eager to know more!

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