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Each and every year we see a brand new car on the F1 grid from all the teams which logically means that their previous year's F1 cars are now retired, but what exactly happens to them?

The world of F1 teams and engineering is all about secrecy, after all, it's their winning formula that gets their sponsors and in return a large sum of money. You can compare this to the secrecy of the KFC chicken spice. If that recipe were to ever be made public it would prove to be catastrophic to the company. It is very similar in the world of F1.

Teams don't automatically auction off or have their cars placed in museums around the world. Each car might still have a purpose, whether that is for testing, training, promotional events or even spare parts for the upcoming season.

However, if a couple of years have gone by and that technology used back then is no longer valuable to the opposition, then they might be given away as gifts to drivers, sponsors or even donated to museums.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: WTF1 on Where Do F1 Cars Go After The Season Ends?

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