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The Tesla Cybertruck is best known for its futuristic styling, but what if every car was styled like it?

The Cybertruck was unveiled to the world in November 2019, and both the media and the public were absolutely amazed by its unique, futuristic and almost science fiction looking styling. Elon Musk, as per usual, was over the moon with delight and excitement to share Tesla's new invention with the world, and was arguably a bit over-enthusiastic when it came to demonstrating the Tesla Cybertruck's window durability – which didn't exactly go according to plan when they threw a metal ball at the window at full force, shattering it, after they explained how much strength they contain.

Nevertheless, the Tesla Cybertruck made up for that mishap with all its high-tech features that push the automotive industry forward.

But the tesla Cybertruck is most known by its crazy futuristic styling that you'd either passionately hate or love. A digital artist created a variety of digital renders of cars that share the same styling as the Tesla Cybertruck. Take a look at a few samples here below:

Bugatti Chiron

Jaguar F-Type

Mini Cooper

Volkswagen Beetle

Range Rover Evoque

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