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What if the Ford Motor Company made a return to Formula 1, not as an engine and parts manufacturer but rather as a full racing team?

Ford has been involved in Formula 1 in the past, from 1967 with Lotus right up to 2004 with Jaguar, until they pulled out of the sport entirely. Ford is also responsible for 10 constructor-winning titles, which were all awarded to Ford-powered cars.

Ford's involvement in Formula 1 came from their ownership of Cosworth, who supplied engines to some of the top-performing teams in the sport. Furthermore, Ford's most recent involvement in Formula 1 was when they bought over the Stewart Grand Prix racing team in 2000. They rebranded it as the Jaguar Formula 1 Racing Team which, at the time, was owned by Ford before they were bought over by Tata.

If Ford were to make a comeback into the world of Formula 1, their most likely approach would possibly be to take over an existing team whose sponsors have, or had, a good relationship with them in the past. The company, Mahle, is now the owner of Cosworth, who supply engines to both Ferrari and Renault. However, Renault is also sponsored by Castrol who, in many other forms of Ford participated motorsports, is very close to Ford.

So if Ford were to make a comeback into Formula 1, their most likely approach would be to take over, or at least collaborate, with Renault.

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