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Did you do a double-take when you read that headline? It's not the kind of sentence I'm used to writing but, if it's on the internet, it must be true! Kamikaze pilots invented Bosozoku.

Well, sort of. It was more of an evolution. The story goes that the Kamikaze pilots who survived WWII built crazy vehicles to keep themselves entertained. This was because they struggled to adjust to a regular life that was not nearly as exciting.

As James from Donut Media explains, it started with loud mufflers on motorcycles and evolved through the next few generations until we arrived at today and a 1980 Toyota Cressida, Bosozoku-style, from the Moonlight Runners.

These cars are astounding, loud, bright and obnoxious but built for a purpose... To give the middle finger to the conservative community that looked down on the rebels and misfits.

Check out what James has to say in the video below as he tells us all about Bosozoku in all its glory.

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