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Wouldn't a simple safety solution for F1 cars be to have closed cockpits as opposed to the halo?

Safety in Formula 1 has never been taken as seriously as it has in recent times, and remains the top priority of the FIA.

But, if safety is the top concern in Formula 1, then why are drivers still exposed and not further protected in a closed cockpit like in other forms of motorsport?

Well, to your surprise, the concept of having a closed cockpit in Formula 1 cars had been discussed and even rigorously tested by the FIA prior to the implementation of the halo in 2017.

A closed cockpit for Formula 1 cars proved to be highly beneficial in terms of safety during the testing phase a few years ago, and it made no sense to abandon the entire project. Further research went into its production, and one major flaw was raised: a lack of cooling for the driver, which proved to be more potentially dangerous than to not have a closed cockpit at all. Further development went into designing additional vents and piping to provide sufficient cooling for the drivers, but then weight also became a concern.

So, what was the best way forward? Well, that was the halo we are all familiar with today.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, WTF1, on Why Don't F1 Cars Have Closed Cockpits?

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