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Hydrogen cars are nothing new. As a matter of fact, they were first introduced back in 1966, at a time where fuel was cheap and the mighty V8s were praised, which explains why there was little to no interest in hydrogen car technology. Well, apart from the editors of Popular Mechanics...

But, fast forward some 50 years, and motor companies are investing largely into more efficient and environmentally friendly fuel alternatives. Hydrogen-powered cars somehow became far more attractive, with a few available to buy at dealerships, but they are dying off at an exponential rate, and here's why:

There are five factors to consider when breaking down why hydrogen cars are by no means as popular as they were supposed to be. They are: 

  1. Price
    Hydrogen cars are by no means cheap to buy, furthermore, the price of refuelling with hydrogen is currently far more expensive than gasoline.

  2. Convenience
    The average hydrogen-powered car has a range of around 400 miles, which is pretty decent. However, the lack of infrastructure in refuelling stations is of great concern, with only 45 in the entire United States. Plus, the cost of a hydrogen refuelling station is around $2,000,000, which cuts the infrastructure growth time down drastically.

  3. Performance
    A commuter hydrogen car is a far cry from a performance vehicle, with an average top speed of 106mph and a 0-60 time of around 9 seconds. Electric alternatives at the same price are simply far more fun to drive and, thus, far more attractive to the consumer.

  4. The Environment
    Although hydrogen is one of the most environmentally friendly fuel alternatives, the problem lies within its efficiency. Although they are more efficient than gasoline-powered cars, electric cars are far more efficient than hydrogen-powered cars. As a result, EV's require less energy to cover the same mileage.

  5. Competition
    Lastly, we have competition. The hydrogen car came out around the same time as the EV but, thanks to the huge success of the EV – like offerings such as the Tesla Model 3 and S, interest was simply lost in hydrogen cars.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Donut Media, on Why Hydrogen Cars Flopped...

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