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This might come as a bit of a shock, but the more you think about it the more sense it actually makes. You can not simply buy a car directly from its manufacturer and there is a pretty good reason for it...

If you're in the market for another car, you have many options. The first place most people search for another car is at used car dealerships as they usually keep their website up to date with new inventory and as soon as you spot the car of your dreams that has a relatively good deal on price against its year model and mileage, you then go and pay them a quick visit to see it in person before making your final decision.

But what about new cars? You would then have to physically go into a dealership and speak to the salesperson to find out the price of the car. But these are dealerships that are branded by the manufacturer, but they are not necessarily owned by the manufacturer.

Dealerships fall under a law that prevents the manufacturer from selling cars as dealerships are usually privately owned and if manufacturers sold cars they could instantly put dealerships out of business as they wouldn't be able to afford selling cars at such a low price. But thankfully for the customer, dealerships are located in most districts around the world and you end up paying for convenience.

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