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According to global reports, the annual number of total car thefts have been steadily declining over the last couple of decades and that is largely thanks to better security implemented by auto manufacturers globally. But in 2020, this was the first time in quite a long while that the figures showed that there was a substantial increase in car thefts.

But there is a lot of reasons as to why this is. First of all, there were a number of global lockdowns that forced millions of people to leave their cars parked outside on driveways and in the street for weeks on end which in return acted like a field day for car thieves. But that number was relatively small and was not solely responsible for the massive increase. Due to the lockdowns, many other industries also suffered, such as mines and silicon chip providers. Rhodium mines suffered massive losses during 2020 which shot the prices up on catalytic converters and thieves caught on to this trend. Furthermore, there is still a huge issue with silicon chipsets globally on new cars which have shot up the price of second-hand vehicles, another reason as to why there was a sudden increase in stolen cars.

Lastly, there is technology. More and more cars are coming out with fancy new features such as keyless entry. You'd be surprised at just how unsecure an encrypted key code signal is and thieves with the right tools can now open and start your car without a scratch or an alarm going off.

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