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Ever wondered why race cars don't have airbags? Wonder no more because here is the answer.

Over the last few decades, motorsport officials have taken racing safety more and more seriously, but if that is the case, then why don't we see airbags in race cars?

Motosport is the most dangerous sport in the world so, therefore, they have many safety features that have become a requirement in most forms of motorsport. These rules include a helmet, a roll bar or roll cage, fire extinguisher, kill switch, and a seatbelt, which all come together to protect the race car drivers as much as possible.

Even with all these safety features, you might think that the airbag would be necessary for motorsport like it is on the road for passenger vehicles. But, one reason why there are hardly and airbags in motorsport is that racecars are not designed and built for comfort whereby road cars are, there is a lot more space in a road car compared to a race car. If you have an accident in a road car and have a lot of space to move around in, you will cause a lot more damage to yourself than if you were in a race car with hardly any space to move, plus you are stapped down in your racing harness, helmet harness and bucket seats.

The video below by YouTube channel, Donut Media, deals with why racecars don't have airbags, and so much more about motorsport safety in general. Enjoy the show!

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