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Synthetic fuels are still being heavily invested by the big motoring manufacturers, like Porsche. But, if they get it right, could it save internal combustion engines?

As it turns out, it is definitely possible to create synthetic fuels for combustion engines. But, in order for it to have the slightest bit of hope to be successful, they have to be as green, if not, greener than electric cars.

The solution would be to take the process of electrolysis, to separate the molecular structure of water into oxygen and hydrogen, then combine the hydrogen ion with carbon dioxide, which leaves you with synthetic methanal. And, if you really wanted to, you could further refine methanal into synthetic petrol to power an internal combustion engine with a product less toxic than water.

All this will put a stop to the extraction of fossil fuels, the only issue is that the refinery process will have to be powered by renewable energy in order for the process to work.

This is where the main problem lies. It's not a matter of "can synthetic fuel be made" as it's most definitely possible. It's a matter of infrastructure, and far more investments are being made into electric car charging stations at this stage.

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