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Rimac Automobili is doing all the things, and doing it better than everyone else. The creator of the world’s fastest production car based in Croatia has only been in existence since 2009, and to be able to lay claim to a whopping 23 acceleration and braking records with one model in just 14 years shows just how good the company is. In that short time, the company has grown to have over 1,500 staff members at the new 100.000 m² Rimac Campus. This is where all 150 examples of the limited-number RImac Nevera will be built, each one taking a full 5 weeks from start to finish. The bespoke automaker’s original idea was to create the most powerful electric hypercar, and at the time the technology that was needed didn't exist yet and the systems that were capable weren't available to Rimac thanks to the high cost being out of reach of a start-up, so the powers that be decided to assemble a workforce was made up of all the best minds they could find to that everything needed could be designed in-house with no need to outsource anything. The company prides itself on growing and nurturing all of this amazing talent. Back in July of this year, we showed you a video of the creation of the Nevera at the new factory, but this tour is just as cool.

This new tour of the new state-of-the-art Rimac Automobili facility based in Sveta Nedelja, just outside of Zagreb, and to make it something special it was filmed with an FPV drone in a single take. Well, the final result is one take, but the pilot may have needed a few chances to get it right unless he’s just that good. The timing of opening the doors is done so well that it looks unplanned. The footage starts at the front doors of the Rimac Campus and heads through the reception area with a couple of $2,500,000 Neveras are on show, up through the offices where the staff are all hard at work through to the hospital-like factory where the electric hypercars are manufactured and assembled, through to the dyno room where the cars are tested and eventually ending after a fly-through of the final inspection and detail bay for a serious in-depth quality control session where the cars are meticulously finalised for customer collection. We love all 1:31 minutes of the fly-through, it makes us want to get an FPV drone and do the same, but we don’t have any hypercar manufacturers in SA. Good thing, because an FPV drone isn’t cheap. Have you seen any other cool FPV drone footage related to the automotive world that’s not an event? Let us know, we could spend a full day watching this kind of thing.

Take a look at the YouTube video that reveals the amazing premises the Croatian hypercar automaker Rimac uses as its home base to manufacture the world's fastest series production car that was in the news recently when it broke numerous speed and braking records that may stand for a long time. This is a great one-take flight through the offices and factory, someone throw the drone operator a bonus: Rimac Factory Tour: fly-through video by FPV drone | RimacAutomobili

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