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In the fast-paced and exciting world of Formula 1, some years are better than others. Some have championships that come right down to the wire for both constructors and drivers and are still celebrated with special edition cars to commemorate the good days today. Some are remembered for their races and records, and some for the action on track and then you get 2023 which so far has all of the above. The undisputed driver, car and team is Max Verstappen in the RB19 car driving for Oracle Red Bull Racing. The Dutch driver who has only just turned 26 has taken the RB19 car to an unbelievable 13 wins, 15 podium spots and two Sprint race wins. In that, he also snatched the straight wins record from ex-Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel after winning an amazing 10 Grand Prix in a row. As of the latest Grand Prix in Japan, he is listed at the top of the 2023 driver standings with 400 points to his name, followed by teammate Sergio Pérez in 2nd place with 223 points. As you can imagine, any and all memorabilia related to any of the above will be worth some money, and we’ll soon see thousands of fan products available to celebrate the 10-win streak, the driver’s championship, the constructor’s championship which will be wrapped up soon, and the double-win of both championships. Scale models are a popular way to celebrate wins like this, and it’s almost a guarantee that thousands of F1 fans will receive a scale model of RB19 as a gift in the next few months. There are quite a few well-known scale model car manufacturers that have amazingly detailed models that range from expensive to paying off over 6 months. The 1:18 and 1:43 sizes rank among the most popular, but the one that’s just been released by The Amalgam Collection has a scale of 1:8, which in this case measures a whopping 70 cm in length.  

To achieve this level of authenticity, the team at Amalgam spent over 2,500 hours developing RB19 and each car is assembled by hand, a process that takes over 250 hours. These 1:8 scale models will be limited in numbers, just 99 models for each Oracle Red Bull driver will be made available, and the way the 1:1 season has been going we wouldn’t be surprised if some wealthy F1 fanatics order these in pairs so they have both championship-winning cars to display to commemorate the awesome 2023 season. The perfectly detailed models show absolutely everything as seen on the actual racecars, so we half expect Toto Wolff to order one for “research purposes”. These 1:8 scale models are not intended for us mere mortals, not with a sales price of $10,730, or just under R210,000 minus shipping and taxes. Luckily Amalgam also make models in other popular sizes, and the detail is in no way compromised. You can have it in a 1:12 size (roughly 38 cm in length) which is still pretty big. This one can be had for $420, or a little over R8,000. There’s also the most popular size for detailed model collectors, 1:18. This one measures just over 31 cm in length and it retails for $1,210, or almost R23,500. Guess which size pays the bills? For fans of the team that are a level above the rest with a bank account to match, Amalgam also has a 1:1 replica of the RB19 steering wheel. This one took over 1200 hours to design, takes 120 hours to assemble, is limited to 99 pieces in total, measures 28 cm in diameter, has working buttons, switches and paddles and offers complete accuracy in weight, look and feel. These are listed at $7,760, or just about R150,000. Pre-orders are open, but by the time you’ve read this, they’ve likely all been accounted for.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off the absolutely amazing 1:8 scale recreation of Max Verstappen's Oracle Red Bull Racing RB19 car that's been built to exact dimensions with every single detail the 1:1 car has, besides a working engine. At 70 cm in length it's a massive thing, and it should be for that eye-watering price: Introducing the Oracle Red Bull Racing RB19 at 1:8 scale | Amalgam Collection

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