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Last year when Red Bull and Aston Martin announced the AM-RB001 Valkyrie became one of the most talked about cars in the world, but the hype has faded ever since. Now you get to see a more detailed look at the road-legal version of the Valkyrie, complete with unbelievably intricate underbody aerodynamics and a stunning, pared-back interior. 

It is hard to believe that this stunner is road legal, imagine seeing one sitting at a traffic light. Most people did not believe when Aston Martin announced that the Valkyrie, known as the AM-RB001 at that pint, would be an LMP1 car for the road, but now it is one of those cases where we are very happy to be proven wrong. 

Red Bull Racing aerodynamicist Adrian Newey is responsible for the insane underbody design, and it is designed to draw as much air as possible over the shapely carbon fibre diffuser through twin venturi tunnels. This brings a number of advantages for the Aston Martin Valkyrie; the car develops more than 18. tonnes of downforce at high speed. The Aston Martin's shape is interesting, with unique cutouts and shapes lurking under the smooth bodywork, but the top of the car is unmistakably an Aston. 

The headlamps use an anodised aluminium frame to shave between 40 and 40 percent from the lightest headlight assembly used in current Aston Martins.Crucial info about the car is displayed on the large OLED screen behind the wheel, while the compact unit on the A-pillars is there in place of conventional rear-view mirrors. The Valkyrie is set for production in 2018 and the design may still change before it reaches its owners, but it is about 95 percent complete. 

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