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Lotus has released four Elise models that you can buy with classic F1 colours.

Lotus has always been a brand that has a strong F1 heritage, and that technology has made its way to their track-bred street-legal cars. Lotus has announced a limited-edition run on their most famous car, the Lotus Elise. The limited-edition Lotus Elise will be available to buy in one of four retro Lotus F1 team colour schemes, and it just finished off the Lotus Elise perfectly! Take a look at them below:

The first option is a black and gold ‘John Player Special’ colour scheme, added to the Lotus Elise and also adopted by the Renault F1 team.


The second option available for the Lotus Elise is the "Gold Leaf" Classic Heritage Edition, which pays homage to classic Lotus F1 liveries, but gets its red and gold design from cigarette sponsorships.


The third edition available to the Lotus Elise is a homage to the Type 81, and features a vintage, yet period-correct, light blue and red colour scheme.


The fourth and final Lotus Elise colour scheme pays tribute to the F1 team that was used for the Type 18. This Lotus Elise livery consists of a dark navy blue colour with white racing tripes over the rear quarter-panel.


Lotus is limiting their special edition Lotus Elise models to just 100 samples each, totalling 400 combined. Each car will come standard with air-conditioning, radio and sound system, cruise control, lightweight forged wheels and performance brakes.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Goodwood Road & Racing, on the original Lotus F1 cars.

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