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415bhp Mercedes-AMG CLA 45 Launches Its Attack On The Audi RS3 Saloon

Mercedes-AMG takes the fight to Audi Sport, again, with their CLA 45 taking jabs at the RS3 Saloon.The

Video: For When 1000hp Or Even 2000hp Just Won't Cut It, There's This 2400hp Corvette!
For most petrolheads 1000HP sounds like a good amount of power to have in your car. I mean 1000HP in
Video: Half-naked, Damn Loud And Running Twin-turbos. Yes It's A Monster!
This Porsche might be half-naked and missing lots of parts from the rear, but thats because its undergoing
Video: It's The New Lamborghini Mustang, Apparently!
Ever wondered what it would be like to drive a supercar through a crowded city? Would people stop and
Video: Ferrari F1 Engine Noises Through The Years. A Melody Of Refinement.
Over the last 20 years Formula 1 cars have switched between many differents engines, all of them brilliant,
Video: 10 Tuned Cars That Will Make Your Ears Bleed
Anti-Lag on a turbo car instantly makes it 1 million times better!  Feast on this compilation
Video: This 1000hp+ Gallardo Just Smashed The 1/2 Mile World Record!
Everyone who radically tunes a car understands that there is a chance of failure, which is why tuners
Video: When A Car Is Called Motherf*cker Jones You Know It Must Be Something Special!
Meet Motherf*cker Jones. That’s Mr Motherf*cker to you. The 600hp Volvo powered by a 6L motor with
Video: This Is How They Do Street Racing In Sweden! Old Volvos With Bucketloads Of Power!
Somewhere in the middle of the night in the streets of Stockholm, Sweden, these two crazy Volvos warm
Video: The Ultimate Turbo, Exhaust, Engine And Blow Off Sounds Compilation! Turn Up Your Speakers!
What sounds better than the epic sounds of turbos spooling, exhausts screaming, engines revving and blow
Video: Pure Porn. Crank Up The Volume And Listen To 50 Seconds Of The New Ford Gt's 600+hp Twin Turbo V6 Burn Some Gas On Track At Daytona!
The re-release of the Ford GT could have easily created the most controversial car situation of the year,
Video: When A Zl1 Camaro Is Too Slow For You. Add Some Booooost!
While a lot of this Camaros cosmetics are still stock... the power plant definitely isnt! After
Crystal Potgieter - Rolls Royce Wraith - Exclusive Interview & Pictures
Ghostly Seduction This Rolls Royce Wraith was designed to provoke its victims with its sleek looks
Video: If A 1000hp Porsche Is Not Your Taste, Have This 1000hp Minivan!
You might ask what does a Porsche have to do with a Honda Odyssey? Fair question. In this case it’s
Video: This Quad Rotor, Quad Turbo Mazda Rx2 Sounds And Looks Completely Mental!
When your old school Mazda RX2 has a quad rotor motor coupled to not two, but FOUR turbos, you know its
Video: After Dropping Fluid On The Track, Peter Donchos' 13b Turbo Powered Mazda Has A Bit Of A Tumble!
After dropping fluid under his tyres during his warm-up burnout, Peter Donchos 13B turbo powered Lalor
Video: This Mk1 Golf Produces 1152hp! Let That Sink In For A Moment...
Boba Motorings Volkswagen Golf is somewhat of a YouTube celebrity and with around 1152hp on tap
Video: This 2,500hp Nissan Gt-r Eats Tarmac For Breakfast!
Alpha G is born! Making it’s debut at TX2K16, Alpha G is a monstrous twin turbo GT-R piloted by
Video: 800hp Golf Mk2 Clocks 322km/h On The Autobahn!
We wouldn’t advise reaching 322kph on a dual-carriageway, however, we do very much advise watching
Video: The 'nightmare Nova' Gives Some Massive Hidings With Its 880hp Demon Of A Motor!
“The Nightmare Nova is giving its opponents the creeps by showing that an all motor car is a force
Video: 2,100-hp World Record Lamborghini Huracan Hits The Used Market
This 2015 Lamborghini Huracan LP610-4 might not look like much more than your run-of-the-mill supercar.
Video: Sibling Rivalry As A Modified Corvette Z06 Takes On A Modified Camaro Ss
A bit of healthy competition within a family is normal. Keeps everyone on their toes. This showdown pits
Video: Gt-r Killer ' Duramax Swapped 'coal-orado' Is Absolutely Insane!
The Diesel Shop” re-visits TRC with their new built motor, big turbo setup! Now rocking a Precision
Video: How Does A Triple Turbo 1200hp Mclaren Sound?
Tuners Hypercar Development have developed a complete beast of a McLaren by using three turbochargers