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Meet the world's first twin turbo 2017 Audi R8, capable of putting down between 800 WHP and over 2,200 WHP through six total tuning stages.

According to Underground Racing, driving the twin turbo R8 Plus is "something that should only be experienced, not explained," which is understandable seen as how they tend to create some of the quickest cars in the world.

Topping the second-gen R8 range is the V10 Plus with its 610 PS (601 HP) and 560 Nm (413 lb-ft) of torque. While it's more than capable of hitting 100 km/h (62 mph) in 3.2 seconds and max out at 330 km/h (205 mph), it pales in comparison to what it can do once UR is done with it.

For $49,000, you can get the Base Twin Turbo System that delivers 800 Wheel Horse Power on 93 octane pump gas. The Stage 1 upgrade comes next for $59,000, offering 900 WHP on race fuel, while Stage 2 ($69,000) will guarantee 850 WHP on 93 octane or 1,000 WHP on race fuel. Next up, you're putting down 1,000 WHP on pump gas with the $99,000 Stage 3 tune, or a massive 1,250 WHP on race fuel, though at this point the engine has to be modified, unlike any of the previous stages.

The two most impressive tunes are the Race Version TT and the X Version TT. The first is good for 1,150 WHP on pump gas & 1,500 WHP on race fuel, and the second delivers 1,200 WHP on pump gas and over 2,200 WHP on race fuel.

"Preliminary testing has been a great success. Pulling away on launch control with the 7 Speed LDF dual-clutch transmission and the help of some boost which is controlled via our proprietary JRR MoTeC M1 electronics and firmware with the additional horsepower is just that, an experience," stated the North Carolina-based tuner.

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