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Here are the top 10 F1 tracks fans would like to see back in the Formula 1 calendar.

There are many reasons as to why some race tracks are no longer a part of the F1 calendar. Even more so, there have been cases in the past where well-known race tracks have left Formula 1 and returned, but whatever the case may be, here is a list of the top 10 tracks fans would lie to see back in Formula 1.

1: Circuito de Jerez

The Circuito de Jerez, or more commonly known as just Jerez, is a 4.428km racing circuit located close to the city of Jerez de la Frontera in Spain. It hosted it's first Formula 1 Grand Prix race in 1986, but due to a dangerous corner that caused multiple crashes in Formula 1, the track was iced out of F1, hosting it's last race in 1997. 

2: Kyalami

The Kyalami Grand Prix Circuit brought South Africa to the Formula 1 calendar, and hosted several F1 Grand Prix races in the 1960s to the mid-1980s. Then, it was kicked out of Formula 1 due to Apartheid. It then hosted its first race thereafter in 1993, and its last F1 race in 1997.

3: Imola

Imola is in direct rivalry with Monza as becoming the host for future Italian Grand Prix F1 races. However, Imola is known for being a rather dangerous track after claiming a life in Formula 1 in 1994. Imola hosted its last Formula 1 race in 2006.

4: Long Beach

Long Beach was America's official Formula 1 race track before the Circuit Of The Americas. Many Formula 1 fans are rather disappointed by the change from Long Beach with its beautiful scenery, lively atmosphere and fantastic race track, whereas the Circuit Of Tee Americas is quite the opposite.

5: Riverside

Riverside Raceway in the US was known for hosting only one Formula 1 Grand Prix ever in 1960. It was closed due to it being far too dangerous for Formula 1 at the time, with several hairpin bends, tight S's and a mile-long straight. It would surely be a great track for Formula 1 today, but unfortunately the track got stripped down and a shopping mall built in its place. There were plans of taking the original track designs and building it elsewhere, but the project fell apart.

6: Nurburgring 

The Nurburgring is arguably the most famous, and most dangerous track known to ever host a Formula 1 Grand Prix race. The most legendary Formula 1 Grand Prix race to be hosted at Germany's Nurburgring was in 1976, where world champion Niki Lauda has his fateful accident. In the 1980s the Nurburgring was classified as unsafe for Formula 1.

7: Istanbul Park

Istanbul Park was a relatively new addition to the Formula 1 calendar and hosted its first Grand Prix in 2005. The designer of the great Turkish circuit had a fantastic imagination in the design of this track at Istanbul Park that really put the drivers and cars to the test. The last Formula 1 race that was hosted at Istanbul Park was in 2011.

8: Fuji

Fuji Speedway in Japan is one of the most iconic race tracks in the world but, to our surprise, it has only ever hosted four Formula 1 Grand Prix races, the last one was in 2008.

9: Adelaide

Adelaide was a street circuit in Australia that fans absolutely loved. It hosted the Australian Grand Prix for a decade, from 1985 right through to 1995, until it was replaced by the Formula 1 circuit in Melbourne.

10: Sepang

Sepang Formula 1 Grand Prix Circuit in Malaysia is a longer F1 track at 5.5km, and was built for the 1999 season. It was considered one of the best tracks in Formula 1, however, the track was not built to withstand bad weather, which got it unlisted in the current Formula 1 calendar.

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