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The enormous news in Beijing China not long from now was the opening of the film, Furious 7, which turned out to be a film industry hit before the end of the midnight demonstrating on Tuesday morning. Then again, its $59 million in premiere night income would need to contend with the $1.3 million in scrap metal that lay contorted around a lime-green Lamborghini and red Ferrari that were purportedly hustling that night in a passage, 'Fast & Furious' style. 

The mishap happened roughly two hours prior to the last demonstrating of Furious 7, provoking reports to pose the question, "Were they in a rush to watch Fast and Furious 7. The drivers have been distinguished as a 20-year-old man from Changchun and a 21-year-old from Beijing. Also, as you may envision, the reports additionally conjecture these men were jobless understudies that had been given these supercars, impelling the online remarks by Sina Weibo (China's own variant of Twitter), "Communism is good to the point that it permits unemployed individuals to drive supercars." 

The substantial downpour that night may have had a part in the mischance, which seems to have decimated the two supercars past supplanting a couple of boards and including a new cover of paint. As per these photographs, both supercars were for all intents and purposes demolished to the point of being unrecognizable, with their insignias being the principle markers that the two reported "little traveler conveying vehicles," were really a $800,000 Lamborghini and $500,000 Ferrari. 

As examinations proceeded with today, it is presently suspected that the green Lamborghini was endeavoring to overwhelm the red Ferrari in the passage when it lost control on the smooth asphalt. There has been no reports on the seriousness of the wounds got amid this accident.

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