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Here are the 5 best reasons you should watch Formula E.

Most people assume that FIA ABB Formula E is the electric version of Formula 1. However, they are vastly different, not only in terms of the car itself but also the tracks used, the racing rules and regulations and teams.

Here are the top 5 reasons you should watch Formula E:

  1. Electric racing is insane! 
    Yes, the main reason why many people shy away at the thought of Formula E is because of the sound, but you'll be surprised, they are not exactly quiet. Yeah, they will never be as loud as an F1 car, but the best way to think about it is that they are not worse, just different. Furthermore, drivers don't recharge, or swap out a battery in mid-race, much like F1 cars don't refuel mid-race. This changes the dynamic of the race completely because drivers have to maintain their power usage. And, lastly, the performance of Formula E cars are out of this world!

  2. Video Game-Like Tech
    Ever played a racing game where you have to drive over boost gain markers? Well, the same happens for Formula E. A driver can drive over a section of the track outside of the racing line and pick up boosts that last a few seconds during the race! Furthermore, fans can also have a say over which driver gets boost by voting. The driver with the most votes gets a 5-second power boost to use in the second half of the race. Fans and spectators can tell when a driver is using a power boost by the colour of the LED lights on the safety Halo. It turns blue to indicate that the driver is using a power boost picked up on the track, and the LED lights turn magenta if the driver is using fan boost.

  3. It's All About Skill
    In Formula 1, the teams with the most budget usually win as they have the fastest car. In Formula E, each and every car is virtually identical from team-to-team in terms of power, aerodynamics and even tyre pressure. So it's all up to the teams' race strategy and the skill of the driver.

  4. Tracks Are Not Tracks In Formula E
    The racing tracks used in Formula E resemble nothing like what you'll find in most tracks in Formula 1. All the tracks in Formula E are street tracks...well, at least for the time being.

  5. Official Formula E Simulator Is A Game Changer
    For diehard Formula E fans, you have the opportunity to purchase the official Formula E racing simulator. But, unlike other racing simulators, the Formula E Sim takes actual racing data from the E Prix, so you can race alongside and experience what the real drivers have done in the races themselves.

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