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It happens all too often when you observe different age groups of car enthusiasts clashing with each other on things that just are not understood.

Usually, it's the older enthusiasts that comment and stick their noses up at what the kids are doing to their cars, but when you actually hear their comments, it just makes it seem as if they don't understand why some mods are done to cars.

Here are 5 car mods that older enthusiasts don't understand:

  1. Air Suspension: When an older enthusiast sees a car bagged out they typically say: "How stupid is that? They can't drive that car anywhere! The ride must be so hard". Whereas a matter of fact, air suspension has variable ride height and is one of the smoothest suspension setups ever.
  2. Active Exhausts: "That is obnoxiously loud! No respect for anyone" Yeah, they are loud, but like air suspension, you can control what you want out of it electronically. If you want to hear your car straight piped, then flip that switch, but rolling up to your neighbourhood, you can shut the valves to make it as quiet as a Kia Rio when you want to.
  3. Vinyl Wrap & Plasti-Dip: With changing the colour of your car becoming more accessible and affordable than ever with paint alternatives, anyone can change the colour of their car with ease. But they look so realistic these days that it can fool anyone into thinking it was a paint job. A lot of older enthusiasts assume it's permanent paint and that the owner has demolished the resale value of their car by choosing such an obnoxious colour, but in reality, if they wanted to sell their car on, they just pull the vinyl or Plasti-Dip off and their factory paint is as good as new
  4. Hydro Dipping: When that owner of that fart can Honda Civic pop's the hood and shows off that engine bay that has a carbon fibre cover on it, a lot of older enthusiasts can't seem to understand why someone would spend thousands on a carbon fibre engine cover on such a cheap car, but the reality of it is that it's just been hydro dipped.
  5. Cosmetic Protection: We all enjoy a flashy set of shiny wheels and they do come at a price! But to make them look insane the new trend is to go for massive offset and widebody kits to suit, but then we get comments like "All you going to do is scratch them when you hit a curb" but thankfully there are many options to protect your aftermarket wheels such as rim savers and rim blades.

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