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Here are six things James May hates about his new Tesla Model S.

The YouTube car network channel, DriveTribe, has recently published a video of James May listing six things he hates about his new Tesla Model S, and is presented in the typical clinical style of James May.

James has always had a weak spot for innovative and cleverly engineered cars, so it was just a matter of time until he purchased a Tesla, specifically a Model S.

He has listed six things that he hates about his Tesla Model S, and here they are:

  • When he purchased the car, it was filthy!
  • He expected more from their high tech door handles.
  • The Auto-Off button enables far too quickly for his liking.
  • The boot warning beep is far too loud!
  • The "Model S" and "100D" badges are terribly designed.
  • Strange sound coming from the Model S's rear suspension.

James May also stated that even though he hates these six things about his Tesla Model S, there are 2,837 things he loves about it too!

Take a look at the video below by DriveTribe on the six things James May hates about his Tesla Model S.

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