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Here are 6 times where a Formula 1 Grand Prix has experienced extreme weather conditions.

It goes without saying that, as racing happens around the world every year, with an F1 Grand Prix taking place every odd weekend, that bad or unideal weather can take place. But, there have been some occasions where extreme weather conditions have made that particular Grand Prix something to remember!

Here are 6 times Formula 1 got caught out by extreme weather:

  1. 2007 Fuji Speedway: During this race, saying it poured down with rain would be an understatement! There is no way that a race would continue under these conditions today.

  2. Silverstone 2005: Prior to the race itself, Fernando Alonso continued practising during rather heavy snow conditions.

  3. Japan 2004: There have been quite a few qualifying sessions that were cancelled due to bad weather as well. In Japan 2004, qualifying was cancelled due to a 160km/h storm caused by Typhoon Ma-on.

  4. Bahrain 2009: During the race weekend of the Bahrain Grand Prix in 2009, the practice day was cancelled due to a severe sandstorm.

  5. 1984 Dallas: This was a rare yet incredibly difficult race for Formula 1 drivers, as they experienced extreme heat of up to 40 degrees Celsius! A driver by the name of Nigel Mansell had engine trouble, which caused him to stop, literally, metres away from the finish line, he then tried to push the car over but failed and passed out due to heatstroke.

  6. 1991 Adelaide: This race went down in history as one of the shortest races ever in Formula 1 history. It lasted just 24 minutes due to extremely bad weather. 

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