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Boys and girls, it's time to learn stuff! Looking after your car is essential if you want it to last, so here are 9 important maintenance jobs you need to do to your car.

Vehicle maintenance is one of those things that most people hardly think about. They know that their car needs to go to the service centre, but that's it. However, those of us out there who love our cars, we know a lot more about maintenance and what is required to keep the cabbie happy and running.

Saying that, though, not every petrolhead actually knows how to perform these maintenance tasks. That's where Zac Jobe from Donut comes in. In this episode of MoneyPit, he takes us through 9 maintenance jobs that are essential for keeping your car healthy.

First up is changing the oil, and Zac gives us the full rundown of how oil works and why it is the lifeblood of the engine. From base oil to viscosity and what all the numbers on the bottle mean, his rundown is comprehensive and informative. Then it's time for the practical, as he jacks up his Mazda Miata project car and gets down and dirty.

Oil change complete, then it's time to change the oils in the diff and transmission. After a quick explanation of why the oils are different for each component, he shows us how to drain and replace the liquids in each.

Next is the brakes and how to bleed them once the fluid is changed. Again, Zac explains the purpose of bleeding and why it's necessary. Then there's the engine coolant and what purpose it serves, as well as taking a look at the power steering fluid.

Then, his focus turns to the spark plugs. After a quick check and explanation of how they work, the little Miata gets a new set. The next step is to change the accessory belts for the alternator and power steering, and the last job is to replace the air and fuel filters.

Zac is hilarious and makes car maintenance look fun. Yes, it's not for everybody, but it is always worth knowing more about your car, and these 9 steps are essential for a happy car!

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