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Date: 2019-05-23

So, what is it? It's a pretty sweet, highly modified million dollar VW Scirocco – dah! Let's find out more.

A man named Jason Whipple bought this car in 2010. His intention? To make it an accomplished track car that can get him home afterwards. We can consider it a job accomplished. Sort of.

It has a custom USF3 racing engine that revs to 8500rpm buried under the hood, swollen wheel arches to accommodate those custom shiny 15" Rotiform BUC mags, and a stripped out cabin that makes you want to go racing. Damn, even the paint job is exquisite, customised by one very famous artist who you've probably never heard of but seen his work.

There's so much to find out about this car, but I'm not the right person to tell you. Instead, I'm going to hand things over to the perennially excited James from Donut Media who will give you the entire rundown. It's fun!

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