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In a thrilling fusion of modern innovation with contrasting urban scenery, Audi's RS Q e-tron, famed for its performance in the gruelling Dakar Rally, recently made a grand entrance into Stockholm, Sweden for some proper shenanigans. Just weeks after wowing crowds with a spectacular city tour in Spain, this low-emission prototype, driven by Audi factory and Red Bull Racing-sponsored drivers Mattias Ekström and Emil Bergkvist, took to the streets of the Swedish capital. The result? A heck of a lot of excitement with equal parts curiosity as the high-tech beast cruised through the old city, leaving a trail of awe-inspiring moments and capturing the hearts of onlookers while racking up hundreds of selfies. The adventure commenced with the Audi RS Q e-tron navigating the Central Bridge Highway before making its way to Storkyrkan Church and Mynttorget Square. Along the journey, the baroque Royal Palace, the picturesque waterfront district of Norrmalm with Nybroviken Bay, and the elegant Strandvägen provided captivating backdrops. Not one to shy away from adventure, Mattias Ekström and Emil Bergkvist showcased their rally-style driving in front of the Skansen open-air museum on the island of Djurgården. And for the truly daring, a spectacular moment unfolded at the Freeport, as the 263 kW Audi RS Q e-tron took to the skies to show off what the racecar is capable of.

Photographers and film crews found no shortage of attractive shooting spots at iconic locations such as the Vasa Museum, the Nordic Museum, the Royal Dramatic Theater, and the Karlaplan Roundabout. As the grand finale of this extraordinary tour, the Audi team embarked on a ferry crossing to the southwestern municipality of Slagsta. Mattias Ekström couldn't contain his excitement, saying, "Driving through Stockholm with our RS Q e-tron was a great idea. We presented the residents with technology of the future at their fingertips and experienced lots of great moments in the process." Audi has been at the forefront of electrification in motorsport since 2012, already, which is why the RS Q e-tron is so technologically advanced compared to counterparts. The RS Q e-tron, equipped with an electric drive and energy converter, was developed to conquer desert motorsport with its low-emission design. The energy converter, combining an internal combustion engine and a generator, is a key element of this cutting-edge technology. This season, Audi has gone green by using sustainable fuel that reduces carbon dioxide emissions by more than 60 percent. Notably, Team Audi Sport secured overall victory in the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge last year. In two Dakar Rally editions to date, the RS Q e-tron has secured six stage victories and an impressive 28 podium results in the one-day classifications. Mattias Ekström and Emil Bergkvist have clinched two of these stage victories, along with seven additional podium finishes.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off what can happen when you're a professional race driver for one of the world's coolest teams driving the technological marvel that is the RS Q e-tron. To promote the upcoming Dakar race, the powers that be have taken the rally cars to different, iconic spots around the world and let the drivers loose to have some fun - check out the Swedish leg of the Dakar City Tour: Audi's RS Q e-tron from Desert Rally to City Streets A High Tech Marvel Roams Stockholm | CWMedia

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