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If you follow Barn Find Hunters, you'll know that they usually focus on cars from the 30s, 40s and 50s, but in this episode, Clark Griswald sets out to find a more youthful audience and takes us to see a rotary racing legend and his imported Mazda RX-7s, 5s and 3s, and then visits two college students who run a workshop restoring Datsun Z cars.

This one is definitely for fans of classic Japanese cars from the late 60s to the early 80s. Clark Griswald from Barn Find Hunters is on a mission to find out what the younger generation of car lovers are involved in, and what they are more likely to restore in the years to come.

First, though, he sets off to Atlanta, Georgia, to meet up with an old friend. Some of you may know him as a rotary racing legend from the lates 70s, while others might recognise his name, Jim Downing. Jim is the co-inventor of the HANS Device, that's the Head And Neck Support Device that is a mandatory piece of safety equipment required in almost all forms of motorsport.

Jim also owns a vast collection of Mazda RX-series imports, from streetcars to racecars, including RX-7s, RX-5s and RX-3s, a collection accumulated over decades.

After a tour of this collection, Griswald heads on over to a workshop called Resurrected Classics, owned by two college kids, who focus on restoring Datsun Z cars. 

Currently, these two young entrepreneurs are in the last few months of college, but they still find the time to work on these classics. Their first project back in 2017 was a Fairlady that they fixed up enough to make a decent profit from. This inspired them to continue and, three years on, they have amassed over 20 cars that they will fix and sell, including a set of first-generation Datsun 240Zs...

These guys are a perfect example of the future of the classic car restoration industry, as old American muscle cars become harder to find. It's worth the watch, so press play below and enjoy the JDM show.

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