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That's right, this talented young driver has no arms, but he competes in the Gymkhana GRiD in Poland.

It's as inspirational as it can get. Bartosz Ostałowski lost his arms in a motorcycle accident a few years ago. That didn't stop him from chasing his dreams, though, and set about creating a drift car with custom controls that would allow him to not only drive but to compete.

In the video below, he chats to Ken Block about his accident and then takes him on a tour of the modifications to the car before setting out on a hot lap with Ken in the passenger seat.

The car, a Nissan Skyline R34 with a 550hp V8 under the hood. Hop inside and immediately you notice that things like the hand brake and gear lever are missing. The hand brake has been repositioned as a pedal just above the accelerator, so he uses his left foot for both braking and acceleration.

The gear lever has been replaced with a specially fabricated contraption that houses two flappy paddles that he can actuate using the stump of his right arm, near his shoulder.

This leaves his right leg for steering, with the standard wheel placed further back, closer to the dashboard. His right foot is also used to press on another pedal connected to his seatbelt in case of an emergency.

This inspirational story will encourage anyone who watches it to never give up. Press play on the video below to find out more about this amazing driver.

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