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Take a look at this compilation of the best Formula 1 TV commercials ever.

You might think that something as well known and international as a Formula 1 Grand Prix doesn't need any advertising on mainstream TV, much like the same way you don't see Lamborghini or Ferrari adverts on TV in between your favourite movies and shows.

But Formula 1 is no single company that makes it all come together, it is made up of hundreds of different brands and associations which all have a ton of sponsorships. Each and every one wants a bit of the Formula 1 cake and, depending on their contracts, are able to use and mention the Formula 1 brand in their advertising. This ultimately benefits the marketing of each, and some of them are really witty and clever, not to mention hilariously funny, especially if you understand the personality of some of the drivers who race in Formula 1.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, F1Fun4u, on The Best Formula 1 TV Commercials Ever!

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