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While BMW Motorrad is calling this latest creation of theirs an eParkourer, we can, with 100 % certainty, tell you that it is, in fact, an electric scooter/bike as much as the company wants to imply otherwise. It is pretty damn cool though, and following the CE 04 that was launched two years ago, it’s got better tech, spec and features, as well as some rather funky styling. This new addition to the world of electric bikes is something we’d happily use to get around, especially at massive events and the like to save ourselves from sore legs and feet. It’ll also attract attention, and we like attention. The CE 02 features a cool progressive design so it will better appeal to a younger crowd that is moving away from conventional gasoline-powered travel options. Created for the city and the urban environment, the CE 02 is nimble, practical, and robust. The large wheels mean it can be used on a variety of terrains, and there’s decent enough ground clearance to use it off the beaten path, but not as much as some of the new ebikes that are styled more like offroad bikes. We like the looks, the frame stays black while the wheels, front fender, triple clamp fairing and engine cover contrast in granite grey metallic matt. There’s also a HIGHLINE version that’s a lot more colourful with gold forks and a tape design in Petrol (the colour).

There are two versions of the CE 02 available, one with 11 kW and one with 4 kW to cater for different ages of riders. The more powerful version features a healthy 95 km/h top speed with a range of 90 km, the other version is a bit less. It makes more sense to have the top-spec one. The eParkourers have two ride modes, Flow and Surf. Flow mode gives an optimal set-up for cruising along in urban traffic, while the Surf mode allows a more dynamic riding experience beyond the city traffic scenarios. A 3rd mode, Flash, is optional and forms part of the Highline package and this makes the little electric thing perform as best as possible. The CE 02 features a chassis with a double-loop tube frame, telescopic forks, single-sided swingarm and cast light alloy wheels and there’s an in-disc wheel design and disc brakes front and back, the front brakes also feature BMW Motorrad ABS. There’s a TFT display to relay information like speed, battery charge status and much more. There’s a USB-C charging socket to keep a phone charged up, and on the Highline variant, the cradle mode allows the BMW Motorrad app in the smartphone to be controlled safely as an additional display using the keypad on the handlebar. BMW Motorrad Connected Services is included in the Highline package and can display charging status and other CE 02 information via the app. The CE 02 comes with an external charger as standard, while the fast charger is an optional piece of kit. All this can be yours for a starting price of a mere $7 600, or a Rand equivalent of just R140 00. There’s no word about them coming to our shores, but even if it did, we’d rather have ourselves a Takaria Sting at a more palatable R90 000.

Take a look at the YouTube video for the all-new BMW CE 02 that BMW Motorrad says isn't a scooter and isn't a bike, but instead, this electric offering is described as an eParkourer. It must be cool to be so big that you can just make up words to describe something as if it's never existed before. While it does look pretty cool, it really is just an electric scooter, and we'd happily cruise around on one, check it: The all-new BMW CE 02! | BMW Motorrad

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