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The other day we overheard someone chatting about new cars, and the jist of things was that some automakers are going too far by creating 4x4 versions of streetcars, like the Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato and the Porsche 911 Dakar. We just nodded and listened and threw up a little listening to all the well-informed commentary - it was hard not to chime in and spit some facts, but we managed. These 4x4-converted streetcars are nothing new, they’re been around forever, some more well-known than others. A lesser-known one is the Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Country, or simply the Golf Country. As the name suggests, this 4x4 was based on a Mk2 Golf and it was produced in 1990 and 1991 and just 7335 units were produced. The Golf Mk2 Country featured a raised suspension system to increase ground clearance and allow for better manoeuvrability off the beaten path. The odd car also featured protective plastic cladding along the lower body panels, underbody skid plates to protect the underpinnings, flared wheel arches, roof rails, and additional fog lights mounted on the front bumper. It was powered by Volkswagen’s ultra-popular 1.8-litre 8-valve 4-cylinder lump that was mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with an all-wheel drive drivetrain. These days it seems there aren’t too many around anymore, especially ones that still look good and have all their original bits and pieces. Only true Volkswagen fans really know about these cars or care about preserving them. It seems that someone at Delta 4x4 based in Unterumbach, Germany, may just be a closet VW fanatic because the well-known 4x4-conversion company has just released a new Golf Concept based on the latest-generation Mk8 R Golf.

The original Golf Country was only really built to go off the beaten path, and not too much thought was put into the drive and the comfort needed for the long tarred roads that you have to use to get to the gravel roads. The company could have based the concept on a base model Golf, but when you’re in Germany and have access to the range-topping stock of the latest generation Golf, then it makes perfect sense to use that as a base. It also immediately appeals to a more elite customer base. While the car is a concept, the plans for it are great, which makes us root for the thing going into the possible limited-run production of just 25 units. The car sees fitment of a custom lift kit that gives the Golf an 80mm ground clearance, 18-inch Mahha wheels with all-terrain tyres, fender flares, a roof rack and some legit rally-style PIAA LED headlights mounted front and centre. The feasibility of this concept is still in the development phase which should take another 6 - 9 months, so hopefully there will be enough awareness of the concept to see it become a reality. If it does, Delta4x4 reckons the conversion will cost around €35 000, or just over R700 000. They’ll all likely remain in Europe though, because ain’t no sane South African VW fanatic splashing out over a million bucks for an 8R and an extra R700k to make it go offroad. They 100 % spend that kind of money, but on go faster bits and not go slower bits.

Take a look at the YouTube video that shows off everything you need to know about the lesser-spotted Volkswagen Golf Mk2 Country thanks to the crew at Automania Life. Well-known 4x4 outfitters Dekta 4x4 has reimagined the rare Mk2 that was made for offroad exploration using a new Mk8 R Golf as the base for the project - but even if this concept makes it to production as an aftermarket conversion kit we'll only see one on our shores in 2035 considering current Mk8 R owners are only taking delivery of their cars now when the car was released in Germany back in November of 2019: The first modern crossover Volkswagen Golf Country Syncro /Automania.life | Automania Life

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