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It wasn’t too long ago that Volkswagen previewed a special edition model of its flagship Golf, the 8R, but there was little by way of actual details besides an unusual paint option and the name 333, which we assumed was related to the car’s power figures of a likely 333 hp. We didn’t spot any proper changes to the bodywork changes besides the aforementioned 333 logos, with the only other thing we picked up being an Akrapovic, which is an option on high-end Volkswagen models. We guessed the interior would feature some special new accents along the lines of yellow stitching to match the loud exterior paint, some tasteful numbered badges and plaques and the 333 logo maybe as a background to the instrument cluster or the infotainment screen. Volkswagen loves to create limited edition models when a car range is closing in on a model refresh, and so we were expecting this one to be limited to a production run of just 333 units, but we weren’t sure if that would be a worldwide number or a per market number. Well, the wait is over and it's time to confirm if our suspicions held any water… So yes, this is limited in numbers and has the official title of the Golf R 333 Limited Edition. It is indeed limited to just 333 units, and yes, it also has 333 hp on tap (245 kW) which is a healthy number for a Golf. This limited-number Golf R 333 also features that garish and awesome paintwork that’s been called Lime Yellow Metallic, and it’s contrasted with black accents. Seems we were pretty much on the money.

“The Golf R 333 is the first R model with a specification predefined by us that leaves no customer wishes regarding performance unfulfilled – thanks to its extensive equipment,” says Hakim Halimi, Head of Product Marketing at Volkswagen R. The features included in this limited edition Golf are impressive and extensive. The 333 has R-Performance Torque Vectoring with Vehicle Dynamics Manager and Drift and Special driving profiles, an Akrapovič R Performance exhaust system, black 19-inch Estoril wheels with semi-slick tyres, a top speed increased to 270 km/h, blue brake calipers, dynamic hub caps with Volkswagen R logo, Lime Yellow Metallic paintwork, Nappa leather sports seats, IQ.LIGHT LED matrix headlights including the Light and Vision package, driver-assist systems in the IQ.DRIVE package, a centre airbag up front, a rear-view camera and a 480 W Harman Kardon sound system.  “With the special exterior colour, black-painted roof and design decals with 333 logo on the sides, this Golf R will be offered in a combination that is unique up to now,” says Halimi. “It is the first Volkswagen R model with a strict limitation to 333 units and with a sequentially numbered badge in the interior.” The Golf R has cult status with over 250 000 sold since 2002 making it a worldwide best-seller. “The Golf R 333 Limited Edition is extremely important for our brand,” says Peter Jost, Head of Marketing & Sales, Volkswagen R. “It is precisely such limited and high-performance vehicles that turbocharge the Volkswagen R brand – a genuine eye-catcher and extremely attractive. Every customer can be sure that they have an extremely rare vehicle and a potential collector’s item in their garage.” Sadly, it is limited to the German market and will be sold for €76 410, but even if it managed to make it here, that price tag simply converted without taxes sees this car priced at over R1 600 000, and ain’t no one spending that on a Golf here in SA, ever.

Take a look at the YouTube video that's a cool continuation of the sneaky teaser video we saw not too long ago. This time the lights get turned on to reveal what has to be one of the coolest special edition Golfs we've seen so far, and we've seen many in the expansive VW community we know so well - we'd like that limited number to be spread around the world because we'd love to see one on local ground, click throughto see if you agree: A true collector's piece: The Golf R 333 Limited Edition | Volkswagen R

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